CAIO DIAS(カイオディアス)

“Caio Dias” makes shirts like someone who makes a sculpture. All unique and proper for those to use.

Caio Dias Camisaria born in Ceará in the Northeast of Brazil, the son of a seamstress mother. He has always designed and produced his own clothes. His style and self-taught modeling technique drew the attention of the public and in 2010.

Caio started to produce pieces to order and create small collections and stage costumes. In 2012, with the perfecting of his cut (Caio Dias managed to create the perfect model) and the increase in production demand, his brand became official at Caio Dias Camisaria, which uses light fabrics mined in various places in Brazil in a sustainable way, with a slow fashion production chain.

The shirts are produced by hand, the fabrics are cut manually in limited runs (few pieces per print) thus making the shirts unique and exclusive pieces.

The process of creating the shirts takes place through research and exploration of prints in stores and factories throughout Brazil.

Now residing in São Paulo, in addition to being a tailor, Caio is also a visual artist, which is why the assembly of each shirt is inspired by graphic materials, tropicalism, pop art and avant-garde art. Always mixing vibrant colors and prints are found in the pieces in a brilliant way making each outfit unique.

サンパウロ在住のビジュアルアーティストCaio Dias によるシャツブランド。グラフィック素材、トロピカリズム、ポップアート、アバンギャルドアート、などをソースに彼自身で生地をピックアップ。各柄は数枚のみの限定&不定期生産。常に鮮やかな色とプリントがミックスされており、それぞれの服をとてもユニークなものにしている。