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Thank you for your interest in us.

Would you like to promote your brand in TOKYO?

NEWTCITY provides a place where you can communicate with users in real stores with your own brand and shop. Please consider opening a store at this opportunity.


  1. Open a store with a small risk
    Select the plan that suits you from multiple plans such as Fixed charge and sales commission plans. ※Equipment such as hangers and mannequins can be used free of charge.
  2. With staff support
    We support all kinds of customer service such as accounting and cash register operations. There is also support until the store opens.
  3. Branding in Tokyo
    Appeal the brand in a prime location in Tokyo. In addition, you can use our online service for free.
  4. Wholesale
    We are also importers in Japan. All in one support from BtoC to BtoB is possible,

Please contact us <newtcity.shop@gmail.com>


“Urban Lifestyle Curators and Delivering Brands to the World” . Lifestyle Platform from Nakameguro, Which offer infomation through one’s own filter about Fashion, Music and so on. We also organize POPUPSHOP mainly in Tokyo.

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